Published: 2022-10-17

PACEA Geo-Referenced Radiocarbon Database

Francesco d'Errico, William E. Banks, Marian Vanhaeren, Véronique Laroulandie, and Mathieu Langlais


New Observations on the Human Fossils from Petit-Puymoyen (Charente).

Rolf Quam, Ignacio Martínez, and Juan Luis Arsuaga


Morphological Analysis of Nahal Zihor Handaxes: A Chronological Perspective.

Leore Grosman, Yonaton Goldsmith, and Uzy Smilansky


On the Role of Fire in Neandertal Adaptations in Western Europe: Evidence from Pech de l'Azé and Roc de Marsal, France.

Dennis M. Sandgathe, Harold L. Dibble, Paul Goldberg, Shannon P. McPherron, Alain Turq, Laura Niven, and Jamie Hodgkins


Least Destructive Rapid Scanning of Human Teeth to Test Their Suitability for U-Series Analysis.

Rainer Grün, Stephen Eggins, Les Kinsley, Sandrine Prat, Stéphan Hinguant, and Rozenn Colleter


Erb Tanks: a Middle and Later Stone Age Rockshelter in the Central Namib Desert, Western Namibia.

Grant S. McCall, Theodore P. Marks, JonathanT. Thomas, Merritt Eller, Sherman W. Horn III, Rachel A. Horowitz, Kurtis Kettler, and Rebecca Taylor-Perryman